Have the Tech Giants Been DeFAANGed?

Graphic representing FAANG tech stocks

Investors expecting FAANG1 stocks to continue the extraordinary performance of recent years must be disappointed by their returns in 2022 (see Exhibit 1). Four of the five stocks lagged the broad US market through May 5, with Amazon, Facebook (now known as Meta), and Netflix suffering big-time losses. The group collectively underperformed the Russell 3000…

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Navigating Geopolitical Events

World Map Highlighted by Russia and Ukraine

Recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine is an important reminder that geopolitical risk is a part of investing in global markets. Navigating geopolitical events requires expertise and flexibility.  Global Developments and Their Impact Geopolitical events like military or economic conflicts can affect stock markets in many ways. These events are generally widely followed by investors.…

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Petersen Hastings Recertified by Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) for 14th Straight Year

Image of PH advisor and client meeting with overlay graphic of CEFEX logo

Petersen Hastings in Kennewick and Walla Walla, Washington is honored to announce their recertification from the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) for the 14th straight year. This certification is only granted by CEFEX to firms that demonstrate adherence to fiduciary best practices. It is a hallmark accomplishment as it signifies conformity to a recognized global standard…

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What Does it Mean for an Investment Advisory Firm to be CEFEX Certified?

Image of two adult women having a conversation

You may wonder what goes into becoming “CEFEX-certified”? It’s more of a rigorous process than you might think. CEFEX-certified firms adhere to a standard representing the best fiduciary practices in their industry. The standards include specific criteria which have been substantiated by regulation or written in consultation with leading firms. A successfully completed standards-based assessment…

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Will Inflation Hurt Stock Returns? Not Necessarily.

woman wearing face mask shopping grocery store

Investors may wonder whether stock returns will suffer if inflation keeps rising. Here’s some good news: Inflation isn’t necessarily bad news for stocks. A look at equity performance in the past three decades does not show any reliable connection between periods of high (or low) inflation and US stock returns. Since 1991, one-year returns on…

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Pursuing a Better Investment Experience

Whether you’ve been investing for decades or are just getting started, at some point on your investment journey you’ll likely have questions regarding how to improve your odds of investing success. Petersen Hastings is here to help. Learn more about the 10 key principles, using data and reasoning, that may help improve your odds of…

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3 Questions to Consider When Searching for a Financial Advisor

Couple on Ipad happy.

Managing your investments and developing a financial plan on your own can be stressful and difficult. More mistakes are commonly made relative to good decisions. To eliminate this complexity, some people choose to hire a financial advisor. Having someone in your corner provide guidance on the accumulation of assets and growth of a balance sheet can…

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