Client Stories: Retiring Executive

Each client is unique; they all have their own story that reflects where they are in life and how we can help them reach their financial goals. This example illustrates our belief in the importance of taking a comprehensive view of your financial situation and identifying tailored solutions that are fully integrated with all aspects of your specific financial planning and investment needs.

(Note: filming of these interactions took place prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

How We Helped This Client

Retirement Transition

Creating a strategy to transition from a high-earning executive career to living off their wealth, incorporating charitable objectives and tax-efficient investment options.

Integrated Planning

Serving as the client’s financial quarterback - coordinating their full gamut of professional services including a private banker, accountant, attorney and insurance consultant to ensure integration and consistency across all aspects of their wealth planning.

Financial Clarity

Translating the client’s complex executive benefits into an understandable summary to enable this busy executive to take full advantage of their corporate benefit opportunities.

Board Income

Developing strategies for the client's board income and how that may play a role in taxes and ultimately as a driver of income into their retirement years.

Centralized Reporting

Providing a single point of data aggregation for coordinating and simplifying all of their investment holdings.

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1Client stories are shared for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to imply an all-inclusive inventory of: 1) recommendations made by Petersen Hastings to its clients; nor 2) success stories facilitated by Petersen Hastings. Rather, the examples represent samples we believe will assist a prospective client in making an informed decision. Further, not all clients will necessarily receive the same advice or level of service as those outlined, as Petersen Hastings provides customized services based upon the nature of each client’s needs.

2As an SEC regulated advisor, we are not allowed to share direct client testimonials with you, but we have assembled a few examples to give you a feel for the types of expertise we apply for our clients.