Family Business Tool for Generational Success

Mitzi Perdue - How to make your family business last book cover

“I think you’re onto something super important!” This quote is from Mitzi Perdue, advisor to family businesses and author of “How To Make Your Family Business Last,” prior to the recent interview of Matthew and Jeffrey Petersen about the PGS Generational Assessment®.

As a result of the partnership between PGS and Petersen Hastings, family business clients of Petersen Hastings currently have access to this tool to accelerate the process of dialing into the important elements that improve generational success. To learn more and read Mitzi Perdue’s interview of Matthew and Jeffrey about the PGS Generational Assessment®, click on the following link.

You may also contact your Petersen Hastings advisor (or Matthew and Jeffrey) to take advantage of the PGS Generational Assessment®.