Our Philosophy

We take an academic approach to investing that is based on Modern Portfolio Theory. This is a theory founded on the idea that there is an optimum portfolio strategy resulting in the maximum return for every level of risk. This approach incorporates these key principles into a practical long-term plan:

  • Global diversification may reduces risk and enhances expected returns

  • Fee-only structure ensures client interests come first

  • Effective tax management impacts portfolio performance

  • Investors are best served by a “structured” investment approach

  • Active management adds speculative risk and does not work over time

  • An investment strategy should be integrated into an overall financial plan

Evidence-Based Investing
Financial report - Petersen Hastings
Image of clients meeting with an advisor.

An Investment Approach that Works

Our Evidence-Based Investing strategy is based on academic research, not emotion or speculation. It’s simple and easy to understand, which means far more efficient portfolio construction with lower costs.

Evidence-Based portfolio constructing involves a four-step process.

  • 1

    Eliminate meaningless and unanswerable questions

  • 2

    Replacing meaningless questions with meaningful questions that serve your unique needs

  • 3

    Applying academically proven evidence and principles

  • 4

    Continually monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of the process and make modifications as needed

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