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Portfolio Analyst

About Joshua

Joshua joined the Petersen Hastings team as a Portfolio Analyst in September of 2021. In this role, he is responsible for working with the Petersen Hastings team to perform a wide range of investment related services for new and existing clients. These duties include executing equity and fixed income security transactions, reviewing and maintaining client account asset allocation targets, preparing financial reports, and providing general support and research of portfolio and investment strategies.

Joshua was raised in Kennewick, WA after moving to the area when he was 12 and has called Tri-Cities his home since. While still attending Kamiakin High School, he enlisted in the military. Following his graduation in 2003, he continued to serve in the Army until 2007 when he was awarded an ROTC scholarship. In 2011, Joshua graduated from Gonzaga University where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. He then rejoined the military to serve as an Army Officer for four more years before returning to the Tri-Cities.

Outside of Petersen Hastings, Joshua enjoys spending most of his time with his two young daughters. He also enjoys a variety of outdoor activities such as camping, snowboarding, and hiking.

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  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration & Finance

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