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Financial Insights Petersen Hastings Announces

Jeff Petersen CEO Report - Petersen Hastings

CEO Report: Second Quarter

There are so many team members that help to make Petersen Hastings one of the ...
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Timing Isn’t Everything

The lure of getting into the stock market at the right time or avoiding the ...
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College Education Savings Plans (Roth IRAs vs. UGMA/UTMA)

In the past decade, total U.S. student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt and auto ...
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The Randomness of Global Equity Returns

Investment opportunities exist around the globe, but no one needs to be an expert in ...
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3 college students in library

College Education Savings Plans (ESA vs. 529)

Americans now owe more than $1.53 trillion in student loan debt. College debt burden is ...
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The Uncommon Average

The US stock market has delivered an average annual return of about 10%. Most years, ...
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