Office Administrator


Savannah Fritts joined Petersen Hastings Wealth Advisors as an Office Administrator in February of 2024. Savannah was drawn to this role by the promise of greater challenges in accounting, as well as the alignment of Petersen Hastings’ culture with her own values. With a focus on integrity and fostering deep connections, Savannah brings a unique perspective to the team. She finds joy in the meticulous day-to-day objectives within accounting and thrives on being an advocate for others.

Savannah achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Accounting at the age of 36, a testament to her dedication amidst the challenges of COVID while managing household responsibilities. Her journey in accounting began in 2013 at a CPA firm and has since included roles in administration within the manufacturing and fuel distribution sectors. Originally from Othello, WA, Savannah later moved to Portland, OR, where she met her husband and raised her two boys before relocating to Washington in 2022 to be closer to family.

Outside of work, Savannah enjoys a diverse range of hobbies and activities. She finds solace in reading and playing her guitar, while also indulging in binge-watching the latest TV shows with her husband. An advocate for holistic well-being, her and her family embrace outdoor adventures through camping and staying active at the gym. Family is central to their life, as a devoted spouse and parent to two children spanning elementary to high school. 

Certifications & Accolades


Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

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