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Your business is your biggest asset. Ensure you take care of it with solutions for the employees that help you build it.

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Ignite positive change with non-profit portfolios that empower your organization’s mission to help others.

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Since 1962, we’ve been serving generations of Eastern Washington families to help them realize their financial dreams and to impact their lives beyond money.

You deserve a financial advisor who sees you as more than just your portfolio.

Invest where it really counts.

When it comes to building your future, financial investing is only part of the story. Where you’re truly invested — your family, your business, your legacy — that’s what really matters.

Many financial advisors focus only on the numbers without ever truly understanding your unique dreams, motivations, and potential. That’s why our team of fiduciary financial advisors offers a different approach.

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Here are some of their firsthand accounts from our exceptional clients, individuals like you, who we are proud to serve.

Mark & Sheryl R.

"We love Petersen Hastings. We can tell they care. They are not trying to sell us something. They are focused on our best interests at all times. We don't have to worry about the stress of where we're at financially, even when the market goes up and down. They've taken care of us since day one and we highly recommend them to anyone that needs help with retirement planning..."

Pam W.

"I became a widow at age 41. I did not have the financial nest egg I needed. I worked but he was the breadwinner, so I had to restructure. It’s hard when you’re all of a sudden a widow and you don’t know who to trust. Petersen Hastings has my best interest in mind. They truly are fiduciary. Since I became a client at Petersen Hastings, I sleep better at night. I’ll sleep just as well when I am retired..."

97% Client retention rate

*All metrics as of September 30, 2023