Empower Your Non-Profit’s Impact

Empowering your organization's mission to help others.

As a nonprofit organization, you play a vital role in shaping a better world. We specialize in managing portfolios for corporations, foundations, and endowments like yours to help you reduce fiduciary risks for your organization’s board of directors. Going beyond merely managing funds, we commit to your mission by making donations to offset portfolio management fees.

Our services.

Board education:

Equipping your board with the financial knowledge to make informed decisions.

Donor charitable giving:

Facilitating seamless and impactful charitable contributions.

Cash flow management:

Ensuring your organization’s financial stability and sustainability.

Mission and vision support:

Aligning financial strategies with your organization's goals.

Performance metrics delivery:

Providing transparent and detailed performance reports.

Tailored support for charitable organizations.

We’ve developed a dynamic and responsive process to assist our unique nonprofit clients. Our team customizes plans to cater to the diverse needs, expectations, and desired investment education of your organization, board, finance committee, and staff.


“At Petersen Hastings, we’re not just financial partners; we’re close collaborators dedicated to furthering your mission and helping you maximize your impact.”

Partner with purpose.

Ready to amplify your organization’s reach and impact? Schedule a free consultation with us. Let's explore how Petersen Hastings can support your nonprofit's journey, ensuring your resources are strategically managed to make a difference.