Solutions For Your Business

Taking care of your business is our business.

Each business has unique financial challenges. To overcome them, and set you up for success, you need tailored solutions built with an understanding of your organization and its goals. Our proprietary process, Your Invested Journey, was designed specifically to help us get to the root of your business’ needs and develop strategies to meet them.

Take care of your business as:

As a business owner, you’re invested in your company’s growth.

Our retirement planning solutions go beyond mere employee benefits; they align with your personal financial goals and seamlessly integrate with your broader business and succession strategy. There are many factors a business faces in designing the ideal benefit plan - cash flow, talent attraction and retention, future growth, etc. That’s why our services are designed not just to optimize these factors, but your personal financial desires, too.

With our streamlined and efficient approach, we offer personalized guidance that caters to your unique business aspirations, so you can keep investing your time into growing your business.

Invest in you & your employees’ tomorrow and build loyalty today.

Employees invest their time, energy, and aspirations into your business’s success. Reward their loyalty by empowering them to invest in their dreams beyond the workplace. Retirement plans, ranked just behind health insurance as the second-most important workplace benefit, provide your employees with the tools they need to secure their futures while strengthening their trust in your company.

From educational materials to communication strategies, our suite of resources and services make it seamless for you to empower your workforce in their retirement benefit journey, and streamline administrative tasks. To reduce your workload, our solutions are tailored so you can focus on what matters most - ensuring your employees have a clear understanding of their retirement benefits.

Tailored retirement solutions.

Our expertise in corporate retirement plans spans a wide array of options, including:



457 Deferred Compensation

Defined Benefit Pension

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)

Money Purchase


Profit Sharing


Comprehensive support.

Go beyond mere management; receive ongoing trustee support to ensure the success of your retirement plan. As an ERISA § 3(38) fiduciary, we collaborate with trustees, helping them fulfill their fiduciary duties and ensuring optimal performance of investments. Our commitment extends to comprehensive employee education covering:


Debt Reduction

Retirement Income Planning

Savings Strategies

Social Security Analysis

Make dollars and sense.

Managing costs is important, and making sure they are fully transparent and understood is vital too. That’s why we provide seamless integration with popular payroll systems to ensure compatibility with your infrastructure and provide a hassle-free experience. Value proposition (service vs. cost), integration with payroll, and compliance assurance are the cornerstones of what you may be concerned with as a CFO or payroll professional.

With a team catering to your best interested at all times, you’ll receive long-term cost benefits and a strong return on investment for your organization.

At Petersen Hastings, we make it our business to help take care of yours.

Schedule a free consultation with us today and discover how you can enhance your company’s future while safeguarding your employees’ tomorrows.