Your Invested Journey

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Financial empowerment for where you’re invested.

Navigating your financial journey is deeply personal. At Petersen Hastings, we believe that understanding you on a profound level is the cornerstone of exceptional financial guidance.

That’s why our onboarding process was purposefully crafted in collaboration with a psychologist to go beyond conventional approaches and discover your full potential. It creates a profound connection between you and your advisors, ensuring your dreams, aspirations, and challenges are not just acknowledged but deeply understood.

The Petersen Hastings difference.

1. Take control.

In this first stage, you’ll experience a meaningful, complimentary conversation that transcends financial numbers and delves into your unique goals and needs. This empathetic approach ensures that your financial strategies are not just tailored, but deeply rooted in your unique story.

2. Create alignment.

As we embark on your financial journey, you’re not just a client — you are our inspiration. We will use the knowledge we’ve gleaned during our exploratory sessions to create a tailored, date driven plan to get you where you want to be in the future, ensuring your path is truly in harmony with your aspirations.

3. Achieve continued success.

As you grow and reach new milestones, we will adapt and help you make financial decisions that resonate with your true self. Our fiduciary relationship is built on a profound understanding of your needs, and how they can change and progress, to partner with you for life.

Discover Your Invested Journey.

Planning For You & Yours

As fiduciaries, we’re dedicated to always acting in your best interest and that’s why our plans are not just personalized; they are data-driven, ensuring optimum success.

Solutions For Your Business

Our proprietary process, Your Invested Journey, was designed specifically to help us get to the root of your business’ needs and develop strategies to meet them.

Empower Your Non-Profit

We specialize in managing portfolios for corporations, foundations, and endowments like yours to help you reduce fiduciary risks for your organization’s board of directors.

Partner with purpose.

Ready to experience financial guidance that reflects you on a profound level? Schedule a free consultation today. Let Petersen Hastings illuminate your path, ensuring your finances align seamlessly with your life’s journey.