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Our firm is Dave Ramsey-approved.

Dave Ramsey — best-selling author, personal money management expert, and radio personality — is one of America’s most trusted voices on money and business matters. We joined Dave Ramsey’s SmartVestor program because we share the same beliefs about retirement planning and financial education.

Like Dave, we have the hearts of teachers, not sales people, and we dedicate time to your goals and exploring your investment options. As SmartVestor Pros, we’re committed to living up to high standards.

Client-first mentality.

We will educate and empower you to help you pursue your long-term investing goals.

Smart wealth building.

As SmartVestor Pros, we will help you build wealth by investing for the long-term.

Fast, friendly service.

Have a question? SmartVestor Pros commit to giving you a fast response, often within 24 hours.

More choices and options.

SmartVestor Pros don’t just offer a single company’s investment choices. They have access to hundreds of investments to help you pursue your goals.