Video: 3 Smart Money Moves to Get You Back on Track in the New Year January 19, 2021

With the new year underway and a chaotic 2020 behind us, now is a great time to evaluate what you are doing financially.

What are some ideas for goals? How do you get started or back to neutral?

John Keyes shares 3 steps you can take today to help accomplish your financial goals or get back on track in your financial life.

3 Smart Money Moves to Get You Back on Track in the New Year

Video Transcript:

Hey everyone, John Keyes, with Petersen Hastings in Walla Walla.

With the New Year having started, and a chaotic 2020 behind us, many people are using this time to reestablish financial goals or get back on track in their financial life.
It is very easy to get thrown off a rhythm when life throws you a curve ball.  Habits take lots of work to build but can be broken even by something relatively small.
One idea that has really resonated with me is one I heard Russell Wilson discuss on a podcast.  That is the though process of getting back to neutral.  You do this by setting a goal that is achievable.  
Here’s three ideas to get you started:
1. Evaluate: Outline your balance sheet.  This involves looking at your assets and liabilities.  What would you like these to look like at the end of the year?
2. Plan: Reestablish or create a budget.  Look at your income and expenses.  Is it manageable to reach your year end goal or do you need to make adjustments?
3. Simplify: Consolidate accounts such as old 401(k) or too many bank accounts.  This reduces clutter and helps you see a more clear snapshot of your finances.
In the comment section below, let us know what items you are going to address this year to help reach your financial goals.

Take care

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Author: John Keyes, Wealth Advisor

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