Client Relationship Summary (CRS) Notice

Picture of a document

You may notice a new disclosure document that will be included in your July statement. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is requiring all registered investment advisors and broker-dealers to provide clients with a new disclosure document called the “Client Relationship Summary” or “CRS” for short. The disclosure is meant to be a short, easy to read document that provides an overview of much of the information we provide the SEC each year through our Forms ADV, of which are publicly available documents for all registered advisory firms. The Form CRS does not change any fees, services you are receiving, or investments in your account. It is simply a new required disclosure. You will also receive this document when you open a new account, e.g. if you have an IRA with Petersen Hastings and you open a taxable joint or individual account that will require us to provide you this form. Additionally, if we make adjustments to our offered investments, we will need to provide you with this disclosure. The Form CRS is a notice that does not require any action from you when you receive it. If you have any questions, please contact your Petersen Hastings advisor.