Important Information for PH Navigator Client Portal Users

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Navigator Upgrade Features

We are pleased to announce some great upgrades to the PH Navigator that will help provide additional security to your accounts.

Two-Factor Authentication

Important Note: Until you validate two-factor authentication, you will be unable to access the PH Navigator from any device. This process will need to be completed on each device you use to access the PH Navigator, using a web browser (ex. Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer). Learn how to gain access to your account by taking the following steps.

Start at the Petersen Hastings website, select Client Portal in the upper right corner. Then, click the PH Navigator Login. 

You can use either SMS/Text or Email to complete the two-factor authentication process. If you choose to register by Email, please follow these steps:

Login form - Petersen Hastings Navigator
choose delivery method for registration code - Petersen Hastings
Enter the code you just received via email - Petersen Hastings

 If you choose to register by SMS/Text, follow these steps:

Login form - Petersen Hastings Navigator
choose either email or sms to deliver security code - Petersen Hastings
enter the code you just received via SMS - Petersen Hastings

Document Sharing/Cloud Storage

This upgrade enables us to share files securely through the PH Navigator and is more convenient than sending password protected files. To upload files or view files we have sent you, please see the below image.

Under documents tab, select cloud storage. click "Upload File(s)" - Petersen Hastings

Individual files or entire folders can be uploaded. You can also create folders to organize your files. This is the best method to send files securely, rather than through email.

For questions or to learn more about our PH Navigator, view our Navigator Brochure, or contact us at 509.735.0484 or