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Investing with our heads for your heart.

Investing is a deeply personal process driven by your values and beliefs. That’s why we take special care in crafting evidence-based financial plans. Because investing with the right intentions is only truly successful when partnered with the correct approach.

As a fiduciary, our investing strategy is designed, always, for your best interests, and it’s data driven to keep your portfolio on track. This proven process
involves four crucial steps

1. Clarify your path.

We cut through complexities by eliminating meaningless, unanswerable questions and focus on what truly matters for your financial journey.

2. Craft tailored solutions.

We ask meaningful questions that guide your financial decisions to tailor our plans to your unique needs.

3. Apply proven principles.

Grounded in research, we leverage solid, evidence-based strategies to ensure the soundness of your investments.

4. Stay on course.

We vigilantly monitor and adapt, making precise adjustments to keep you on the right track toward your goals.

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Petersen Hastings integrates Modern Portfolio Theory and evidence-based investing strategies into the Your Invested Journey, a proven approach, tailored for your financial well-being.

Evidence-based investing with Modern Portfolio Theory.

We seamlessly blend evidence-based investing with Modern Portfolio Theory, a cornerstone grounded in the concept of an optimum portfolio strategy that maximizes returns regardless of your risk tolerance. Our approach incorporates key principles:

Global diversification:

Reducing risk and enhancing expected returns through diversified global investments.

Fee-only structure:

Ensuring your interests always come first with a transparent fee-only model.

Effective tax management:

Optimizing portfolio performance through efficient tax strategies.

Structured investment approach:

Prioritizing structured strategies over speculative risks for long-term success.

Integration with financial plan:

We seamlessly integrate your investment strategy into your overall financial plan for holistic success.