Petersen Hastings Wealth Advisors Earns Renowned Certification for Fiduciary Excellence for the 16th Straight Year


After undergoing a thorough and independent assessment of investment management processes, investment strategy implementation, and other fiduciary practices, Petersen Hastings Wealth Advisors today announced formal achievement of Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX®) certification from Broadridge. This makes Petersen Hastings part of the elite group of nearly 250 firms from around the world to successfully complete the independent certification process.  

Petersen Hastings was subject to a rigorous, multi-month audit and certification process guided by the “Prudent Practices® for Investment Advisors”, an industry-recognized handbook that is grounded in law, regulatory, and professional best practices. The CEFEX Fiduciary assessment, in detail, includes an administrative review, analyzes structure systems and reporting – where conflicts of interest may be addressed, analyzes risk and characteristics of the portfolio, and samples client deliverables. Because of adhering to these standards, advisors are better able to manage client portfolios and expectations through education, reporting, and disclosure. 

“At Petersen Hastings, our unwavering dedication to the fiduciary standard stands as a cornerstone of our mission. We are pleased to announce that we have maintained our CEFEX certification as fiduciaries for an impressive 16 consecutive years,” stated Josh Beck, Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Administration. “Being among the select few firms in the nation to achieve this milestone underscores our team’s commitment to prioritizing the interests of our clients above all else. This accomplishment serves as a testament to our ongoing dedication and integrity in financial stewardship.”

“Broadridge and CEFEX are pleased to once again, include Petersen Hastings amongst an elite group of investment advisors who have demonstrated adherence to professional practices that define a standard of fiduciary excellence,” said Carlos Panksep, VP CEFEX. “They have earned the right to use the CEFEX Mark which indicates the firm’s established practices are aligned with investors’ interests and worthy of trust and confidence.”

About Petersen Hastings Wealth Advisors

Petersen Hastings is a fee-only, Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Kennewick and Walla Walla, WA managing over $1B in client assets. The deeply staffed team, now at 26 team members, provides financially established individuals with clear and personalized visions of their unique financial futures. The result is a more meaningful wealth management experience because of the connections between the firm, advisor and client.

We do this by utilizing our proprietary client discovery process to dig deeper into each individual situation, always acting only in the best interests of our clients, and by building a team of great advisors through a culture of shared success.

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