Marketing Specialist


Cierra Castona joined Petersen Hastings as a Marketing Specialist in March of 2022. As Marketing Specialist, Cierra assists the Marketing Manager in delivering effective marketing solutions that will help build the firm’s brand identity and assist in reaching client growth and retention goals. Her passion for working with a firm that is committed to the financial betterment of the community is what drove her to Petersen Hastings. In addition, she is excited about furthering her professional experience and knowledge in the marketing field and applying her skillset to add value to the team.

Cierra was born in China in 2001. She was adopted in 2003 by her forever family – and has been raised in Tri-Cities since then. Cierra is a current student at Washington State University, studying to obtain her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration & Marketing.

Outside of work, Cierra is an avid photographer, enjoys hiking, dancing, skiing, and working out. She also loves spending quality time with her family and her brother’s dog, Louie.

Certifications & Accolades


Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration & Marketing

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