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Graphic of data charts with overlaying text reading "Market Commentary: Q3 2023"

Oct 13 2023

Market Commentary: Q3 2023

After an impressive start to the year, we saw a downturn in stock performance during ...
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Q2 Market Commentary 2023

Jul 17 2023

Market Commentary: Q2 2023

The first half of 2023 has proven to be the highest performing half year for ...
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Image of cash and scratch paper labeled "inflation"

Jun 23 2023

Will Inflation Hurt Stock Returns? Not Necessarily.

Investors may wonder whether stock returns will suffer if inflation keeps rising. Here’s some good ...
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Image of female graduate blowing confetti through hands

May 25 2023

Let the Compounding Commence!

Every year, families and friends celebrate students who are graduating from colleges and universities. Parents beam ...
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Q1 2023 Market Commentary

Apr 11 2023

Q1 Market Commentary

The first quarter of 2023 both started and ended positive for global stocks, but there ...
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Mar 22 2023

When Headlines Worry You, Bank on Investment Principles

On Friday, March 10, regulators took control of Silicon Valley Bank as a run on ...
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