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We’ve pulled together a few videos to provide you with quick overviews of our financial planning philosophy, investment strategy, technology platforms, team, and client testimonials.


Mark & Sheryl R.
Pam W.

Other Videos

A Trustworthy Financial Planner is Needed Now More Than Ever
Investment Confidence Commercial
Family Future Commercial
Why Work With a CEFEX Certified Advisor?
Hypothetical Client Stories: Retiring Individual
Hypothetical Client Stories: Accumulator Family
Hypothetical Client Stories: Retiring Executive
Petersen Hastings Retirement Commercial: Winery
Petersen Hastings Retirement Commercial: Hiking
Petersen Hastings Retirement Commercial: Golfing
Petersen Hastings Unique Questions
Accredited Investment Fiduciary
A Unique Approach to Wealth Management
Evidence-Based Investing
Defining Zero Alpha Group
the Trusted Financial Path™

Meet Our Team

Scott Sarber, CFP®, AIF® Senior Wealth Advisor | CEO
Matthew Neff, CRPC®, AIF® Senior Wealth Advisor | Chief Operating Officer
Blaine Carr, CFP®, AIF® Senior Wealth Advisor | Chief Financial Officer
Josh Chittenden, CFP®, AIF® Wealth Advisor
Matthew Petersen, CTFA, AIF® Wealth Advisor | Trust Services Representative
Donna Yakawich, CPA, AIF® Wealth Advisor
John Keyes, CFP® Wealth Advisor | Walla Walla Office
Rachel Chacko, CFP® Associate Wealth Advisor | Walla Walla Office
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