Josh Beck

Josh Beck 2022 Outdoor Profile Shot

Josh Beck joined the Petersen Hastings team as the Financial Controller in September of 2019. In this role, Josh was primarily responsible for developing and monitoring the firm’s financial strategy, budgeting, and forecasting to ensure robust financial performance for the firm. In 2022, his role elevated to Director of Administration – expanding his primarily responsibilities…

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Danielle Bender

Danielle Bender header image

Danielle Bender joined the Petersen Hastings team as a Client Service Specialist in May of 2023. The atmosphere and culture of the firm is what attracted Danielle to Petersen Hastings. Danielle’s giving spirit and strong desire to help others is what makes her an incredible addition to the firm. Danielle was born and raised in…

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Tavin Blair

Tavin Blair Header Background

Tavin Blair joined Petersen Hastings as a Client Service Specialist in June of 2022. He soon later transitioned to fill a need in our trading department, becoming a Portfolio Analyst in September. As a Portfolio Analyst, Tavin will work with the Petersen Hastings team to perform a wide range of investment related services for new and…

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Cory Briggs, CFP®, AIF®

Cory Briggs Header Image

Cory enjoys researching markets and strategies which are important for making good financial decisions. As a Senior Wealth Advisor at Petersen Hastings, he believes in teaching and working alongside clients so they better understand their financial situation and can achieve peace of mind. Cory is recognized by Dave Ramsey as a SmartVestor™ investment professional for Tri-Cities and…

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Blaine Carr, CPA, CFP®, AIF®

Blaine Carr 2022 Header

The investment arena is flooded with salespeople, however, Blaine is not one of them. Since 2002, Blaine has been a dedicated member of the Petersen Hastings team. As an informed consumer, Senior Wealth Advisor, and shareholder, he takes pride in working with a team that promotes its financial expertise rather than an inventory of commission-paying…

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Cierra Castona

Cierra Castona 2023 Header

Cierra Castona joined Petersen Hastings as a Marketing Specialist in March of 2022. As Marketing Specialist, Cierra assists the Marketing Manager in delivering effective marketing solutions that will help build the firm’s brand identity and assist in reaching client growth and retention goals. Her passion for working with a firm that is committed to the…

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Josh Chittenden, CFP®, AIF®

Josh Chittenden Header Image

Josh has a passion for financial planning that started early in his life. In 1996, Thomas Stanley wrote a book titled, “The Millionaire Next Door.” This book helped shape the interest he has in financial planning and helping people achieve their goals. Josh’s favorite part of being an advisor is meeting with his clients, helping…

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Cassie Cornwell

Cassie Cornwell Header Shot

Cassie Cornwell joined the Petersen Hastings team as a Client Service Specialist in July of 2015. In 2022, she was promoted to Senior Client Service Specialist. Her role is to facilitate the collaborative monitoring and updating of personal and corporate investment accounts, as well as maintaining complex financial reports while prioritizing the requests and needs…

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Brandan Eckhardt

Brandan Eckhardt 2022 Header

Brandan Eckhardt joined the Petersen Hastings team as Marketing Coordinator in June of 2018 and was promoted to Marketing Manager in December of 2021. As the Marketing Manager, Brandan’s role is to lead the firm’s marketing and branding strategy, including oversight and planning of advertising, events, marketing communications, design, insights, web development, and social media.…

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Savannah Fritts

Savannah Fritts joined Petersen Hastings Wealth Advisors as an Office Administrator in February of 2024. Savannah was drawn to this role by the promise of greater challenges in accounting, as well as the alignment of Petersen Hastings’ culture with her own values. With a focus on integrity and fostering deep connections, Savannah brings a unique…

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