Cory Briggs, CFP®, AIF®

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Cory enjoys researching markets and strategies which are important for making good financial decisions. As a Senior Wealth Advisor at Petersen Hastings, he believes in teaching and working alongside clients so they better understand their financial situation and can achieve peace of mind. Cory is recognized by Dave Ramsey as a SmartVestor™ investment professional for Tri-Cities and…

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Blaine Carr, CPA, CFP®, AIF®

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The investment arena is flooded with salespeople, however, Blaine is not one of them. Since 2002, Blaine has been a dedicated member of the Petersen Hastings team. As an informed consumer, Senior Wealth Advisor, and shareholder, he takes pride in working with a team that promotes its financial expertise rather than an inventory of commission-paying…

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Rachel Chacko, CFP®

Rachel Chacko 2022 Header

Rachel Chacko joined Petersen Hastings as an Associate Wealth Advisor in July of 2022.  She was soon promoted to Wealth Advisor in January of 2023.  Rachel joins us from fellow Zero Alpha Group (ZAG) affiliated firm, Carlson Capital Management, in which she held a similar role for four years.  Rachel’s desire to continue working for…

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Josh Chittenden, CFP®, AIF®

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Josh has a passion for financial planning that started early in his life. In 1996, Thomas Stanley wrote a book titled, “The Millionaire Next Door.” This book helped shape the interest he has in financial planning and helping people achieve their goals. Josh’s favorite part of being an advisor is meeting with his clients, helping…

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Haley Johnson, CFP®, AIF®

Haley Johnson 2022 Header Headshot Photo

Haley Johnson joined Petersen Hastings as an Associate Wealth Advisor in August of 2019.  She was promoted to Wealth Advisor in January of 2023.  As a Wealth Advisor at Petersen Hastings, Haley is passioniate for helping the people in her community avoid financial pitfalls and find greater long-term success, which directly reflects the values of…

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John Keyes, CFP®

John Keyes 2022 Header

John Keyes joined the Petersen Hastings team as a Wealth Advisor in February of 2020. As a Wealth Advisor, John enjoys building a lasting relationship and trust with his clients. John believes that taking the time to get to know his clients and understand their goals on a personal level enables him to team with…

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J.T. Lieuallen, CTFA, J.D.

J.T. Lieuallen Web Header

As a Senior Wealth Advisor, J.T. is committed to helping his clients attain financial security, enjoy the lifestyle they have worked hard to achieve, and establish legacy plans.  He takes the time to understand his clients’ values, needs, and how best to guide these individuals and families through their financial journey. J.T. joined Petersen Hastings…

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Lily McKeirnan

Lily McKeirnan 2022 Header

Lily McKeirnan joined Petersen Hastings as an Associate Wealth Advisor in July of 2022.  As an Associate Wealth Advisor at Petersen Hastings, Lily is responsible for assisting the Advisory Team in managing existing client relationships and supporting their development of new client relationships.  Her beliefs in the firm’s investment philosophy, fiduciary standard, and core values…

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Matt Neff, CRPC®, AIF®

With a heart of a teacher, Matt is focused on helping people utilize their strengths to achieve their goals. To help others, he naturally brings an organized and methodical approach, blended with compassion and an individual understanding, while also being proactive to potential or current obstacles. As the Director of Advisor Services, Matt’s primary responsibilities…

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Matthew Petersen, CTFA, AIF®

Matthew Petersen 2022 Header

Matthew is a Senior Wealth Advisor and a shareholder of Petersen Hastings. He partners with individuals and families, businesses, corporate retirement plans, and nonprofits to help them with their comprehensive financial needs.  As a third generation Petersen at Petersen Hastings, he specializes in working with families and family businesses to help both create and continue generational…

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